Travelling To Your Destination Has Never Been This Easy.

Register through our app.

Easy two steps registration and its easy as you'll like. Verify yourself with our E-Aadhaar based verification system.

Navigate to the nearest node.

Use our app or website to search for the nodes near you. We are at major spots with more to come in future.

Scan the bike.

Scan the QR code present on the bike once you are at the node. Bike gets assigned to you right after scanning.

Ready. Set. Go.

That's it.It is that simple.No waiting for any cab, auto or bus.Just start riding!

End Trip

End your trip by pressing the Close Ride button on the app when you arrive at the destination station.

Why Ride Our Electric Bicycles?

New age high tech bikes

You would be riding E-bikes that reach up to 25-30 Km/hr
and are equipped with high tech gadgets and instruments.

Safety is our priority

Bike is equipped with all essential safety equipment like indicators, head & tail lights, lane projectors, helmets,masks and SOS feature.

Cashless Payments

Not carrying cash? No problem. Enjoy your rides without any hassle with easy payments through your PAYTM Wallet, credit/debit cards.

Turn by turn Navigation

Put your phone on the bike mounted case and enjoy a seamless ride without any interruptions.

Easy Halts while Riding

Spotted your favourite food joint? Forgot grocery shopping? No worries! Stop anywhere, anytime on your convenience.

Beat the Traffic

Traffic jams are too mainstream. Zoom through the traffic with ease and never miss what's important.

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