About The Cycle

  • It's a regular cycle supported by electric components - battery, motor and a controller- all integrated together into a seamless design. This is what majorly incorporates an electric cycle.
  • Electric Cycle uses power of the battery and motor drive system to supplement human effort and enhance the ride.
  • The below illustrations give a detailed look at how electric cycle works:
  • An electric cycle pedals and handles like a regular bicycle. The controls mounted on the handlebar are meant to use the electrical and mechanical connections to run the cycle.
  • The below illustration further details the control functions:
    1. Press the power button to switch on the cycle
    2. The battery indicator will display the amount of charge left in the battery
    3. Press the electric mode controller to ride the cycle in desired mode
    4. Throttle or pedal according to the selected mode
    5. Switch off the cycle by again pressing the power button

  • There are three modes to ride an electric cycle:
    • Pedal Only: Powered by the rider, you can ride it like a regular cycle
    • Pedal Assist: The motor gets activated with pedaling, giving an extra boost while riding. Best for overtaking scenarios
    • Electric Only: Sit back, relax and let the motor do its work by just twisting the throttle

  • Yes, you can switch the modes of the cycle while the riding the cycle by simply pressing electric mode controller. The three modes can be accessed by pressing the controller button to following position:
    • Pedal Only: Centre position
    • Pedal Assist:Left position
    • Electric Only:Right position

  • The lithium ion battery has a range of 55km in only electric mode. You can see the battery charge status in the battery indicator installed on the handlebar.
  • The E-cycle can go upto a maximum speed of 25km/hr in the electric only mode. You can reach further speeds in pedal assist mode by pedaling along with the battery power.
  • Membership

  • You can become a member in 3 easy steps:
    • Download the app
    • Sign up with your details
    • Verify yourself on the app using the Aadhar card number
    • Voilà!! You are now a member

  • You need to be 16 years or above to avail the facility.
  • Under the Motor vehicle of India, it is regarded as a bicycle and doesn’t require a driving license to ride it.
  • You become a member at the same second your Aadhar card details gets verified on the app.
  • Booking

  • You can book the ride at the nearest Achiredo Hub station by scanning the QR code on the cycle through the app. This unlocks the cycle and journey begins.
  • You can’t pre-book a ride. The only way to book a ride is by scanning QR code on the bike and your trip will start at that instant.
  • Once you have registered and verified yourself on the app using the Aadhar number, you don’t need any further documents to book the cycle.
  • Absolutely not, there is no minimum time for booking a ride.
  • You can book a ride for a maximum of 8 hours in a particular trip. Also, the battery has a maximum range of 50kms. So, it’s all your pedaling if you go beyond that range.
  • For every hour you exceed your timeline over the maximum 8-hour limit, you’ll be charged a penalty of Rs. 250/hour.
  • No, you need not inform us about the time you’ll be using the E-cycle. You can just pick the bike at the station and return the bike at the destination station.
  • No, you can’t. The trip ends only when you have locked the cycle at the destination station.
  • Not necessarily. You can return the E-cycle at any of our Achiredo Hubs that you find suitable.
  • Cancellation

  • You can cancel a booking in the same fashion as completing the trip, by pressing the close ride button on the app.
  • There are no charges if canceled the trip in first 5 minutes. Post that you’ll be charged Rs. 1/minute for every minute you hold the cycle.
  • Damage

  • You can call our customer care. Our customer care service is open from 7 am to 11pm, 7 days a week. We’ll try to provide you an alternate cycle/solution at that time itself to make your trip comfortable.
  • Call us and lets us know the reason for returning the cycle. If it is deemed genuine and gets verified by our on-cycle system feed, we’ll refund you back the money.
  • In case you damage the cycle, our service manager will give you a repair estimate. You’d be liable to pay the estimated amount upfront. Although damage to the cycle more than once can lead to expulsion from the service.
  • Payment

  • Currently you can pay us through Paytm. Please bear with us while we integrate other payment modes on the platform.
  • Paytm is the only mode of transfer we accept right now.
  • Yes, you need to have a minimum of Rs. 200 in your wallet before starting your ride.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Using our app you can find the nearest Achiredo Hub location and availability of cycle at that station.
  • The Achiredo Hub stations are open from 8 am to 8 pm 6 days a week.
  • You can leave the cycle only at one of our Achiredo Hub stations.
  • You must not leave the cycle at any place other than one of our Achiredo Hub stations. If you leave the cycle at any place other than our station your trip won’t end and you’ll still get charged per minute. Also you’ll be penalized Rs 1000 if the cycle is left stranded. A repetition of the offence will lead to expulsion from the service.