We Deliver anywhere your bussiness goes

Delivery fleet for all your hyperlocal delivery needs.


How it works

Add Delivery fleet

  • Signup into our client panel to add our cargo ebikes to your delivery team or our delivery fleet to your business.
  • Trigger registration, KYC & Deployment of bikes/Fleet.

Your Delivery fleet HQ

  • An operating fleet can be monitored and managed from single panel. Check and change fleet status(KYC Verification completion, Bikes/riders assigned, Termination/ suspension reasons, #active fleet, Live tracking and lot more...)
  • API based data streaming is aother way we empower our client's delivery

Manage your account billing

  • Easy monthly invoicing, ticketing based support system, payment gateway etc.

Why it works

Better fleet availability

  • Responsive servicing ecosystem
  • 1-bike but multi-shift utility
  • Accessible battery swap network

Better economics

  • Upto 40% reduction bikologistics cost

Your partner to scale

  • Rapid fleet addition
  • Geographical range

Live tracking and data feed

  • Onboard data collection and transmission

Control & Risk sharing

  • Remote vehicle immobilizer
  • Vehicle pingger

Carbon nuetrality

  • Hand in Hand with ethical communism

Rent a bike from App

Rent to earn